People brought a kitten and noticed that they had already seen this face somewhere
This heart-breaking story is about a cat that missed his dead friend very much. After Gravy’s friend passed away, the owners of Gravy began to look for
The man started to cry when he realized it was time to turn the foster kittens back to the shelter
When this guy decided to foster a few kittens, he had no idea how emotional the experience would be.
The cat who became a ticket controller in the station
Today’s story is about a stray cat who became a ticket controller. Every morning the passengers of one of Israeli railway station are welcomed by a lovely cat.
The woman left the house for while and found something interesting after return
This story is about a cat Ruga who appeared in Queensland, Australia when he was 8. And luckily he was immediately adopted by a generous girl named Angelina
Guy Wakes Up From a Nap to a Stray Kitten Sleeping On His Stomach
It’s not how we meet someone, it’s who we meet. And in the case of one guy from Canberra, Australia, he made a pal he didn’t even know he needed.
The kittens found in the barn was in gray color but gradually turned into black
This unbelievable story took place in Virginia’s barn. One day a homeowner, Virginia, opened the door of the barn and get astonished by finding kittens in it.
Woman Moved into New Home and Found Cat Outside, the Kitty Kept Coming Back
When Stephanie Perfect moved into her neighborhood, she noticed a shy cat peeking out from the trees across the street.
A Survivor Cat who was left at home without food and water for a week
This story is about a cat that got lucky after being hungry and thirsty for a week. The cat, named, Marilyn was living a happy and interesting life.
The curly beautiful cats charmed all the natives. The only thing we can do is to admire their beauty and cuteness
While the hardcore cat fanciers of the world might not be surprised at the sight of a cat with curls, as there are four lesser-known cat breeds that sport
Poor little kitty fell asleep in the truck after being found all alone on the road
This story is about a small kitten that was found by a truck driver by accident.
It was raining heavily outside when she found her happiness in the face of a little kitten
Katherine was in a hurry to get home, as it was raining heavily outside that day. From afar, she noticed a strange rat that was sitting and getting wet in the rain.
The kittens were saved and kept by an ordinary family until they found new owners
Today’s story is about a married couple who are fond of having pets in their house. They did not even notice that step by step their house became a playground for cats.