The man started to cry when he realized it was time to turn the foster kittens back to the shelter


When this guy decided to foster a few kittens, he had no idea how emotional the experience would be.

Mike’s friends could not imagine that their brutal friend who had tattoos all over his body would adore kittens. No one could even imagine that this man would fall in love with a kitten and even be able to cry for them.

A few months ago, this man decided to take care of the little kittens. He is so full of joy, and he was taking care of four little kittens with beautiful eyes.

Three of these kittens were “boys” and the white one was a girl.

Mike gave her a name “Leah”. Mike’s heart was filled with so much love and care towards these lovely kittens.

This brutal man became very attached to the kittens and when the time to return the kittens to the shelter came he became very stressed.

“I tried my best not to cry” Mike says, “It was very hard for me to part from my lovely kittens”.

The man admitted that he is the most probably the happiest person on earth, and he would never regret fostering these lovely creatures.

He believes that the kittens’ future owners will love and take care of the kittens just like their own children.

We are very happy to indicate that this world is full of such wonderful people like Mike who are always ready to help such lovely creatures.

The only thing that can be done is to hope that the kittens will find good and caring owners!

So what do you think about this heart-breaking story? Do you believe such a nice friendship between them?

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  1. Ursula Miller

    I believe that story. With the Cat