The kittens were saved and kept by an ordinary family until they found new owners


Today’s story is about a married couple who are fond of having pets in their house. They did not even notice that step by step their house became a playground for cats.

It happened in Vivien Truong’s family In Australia. This family has a house with a small terrace. Gradually year by year their comfortable house became a real playground for kittens.

They did not even notice that so many kittens appeared in their house. The doors of their house were open not only for their pets but also for kittens that are abandoned or lost their home.

They decide to create an entire association for the protection of homeless animals and the animals who are in need. They house became a beautiful place for abandoned or homeless animals until they found their new owners.

Vivian said that they saved animals on their own. It was quite difficult, but their family seemed to have found their meaning in life. They considered that their job was to help animals. She added that she had a feeling that she and her husband lived on the playground and it was really great.

They installed shelves almost in every corner of the house, as wall shelving is a favorite item for any cat. So there would be enough space for dogs. Besides that there is a whole exercise wheel in the house that small puppies just adore.

In the current moment 8 cats live in the house permanently: which are Mochi, Ahri, Tofu, Jiji, Bob, Peek-a-boo, Soya, and Moon Cake.

Fortunately they all easily get along well each other, and in o Vivian’s opinion, the main factors for a happy and free life, are kindness and love.

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