People brought a kitten and noticed that they had already seen this face somewhere


This heart-breaking story is about a cat that missed his dead friend very much. After Gravy’s friend passed away, the owners of Gravy began to look for another tailed friend so that the pet would not be so lonely.

And one day they found a post about a stray kitten. As soon as they saw the picture of the cat, they decided not to lose time and give Gravy a Christmas present. So soon the cat named Toast appeared in their house.

This family decided to adopt a stray cat so that their cat would not be so lonely.

Luckily this new cat easily got along with the members of the family. Toast really quickly became of part of the family, but then an interesting thing happened. In this house 5 years ago the cat appeared, her husband brought a lunchbox for Tara, on which there was a huge muzzle of a kitten.

Once Tara decided to take a picture of the cat that jumped on the table where the lunchbox was put.

And at that moment Tara noticed something unusual. She saw that her new pet was just one face with a kitten on a lunchbox. What a total resemblance! The owner decided to post the photo of the cat on Facebook.

Many users and followers saw that there is resemblance between them. So what can it be? Coincidence or a fate? No one can say! But Toast is now an integral part of the family, and this is the man thing.

The cat is very happy being surrounded with love and care by this family.

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