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Compassionate and Kind Ostrich Offers Comfort to Baby Elephants at Orphaned Animal Sanctuary
It may take a village to raise a child, but at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in Nairobi, Kenya, it takes an ostrich to raise an elephant herd.
A kind-hearted lioness saves an injured baby fox from being eaten by a hungry lion
Do you believe in miracles? If you do, then this story will be interesting for you. This story is from one of the national parks in Botswana.
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Dog Abandoned In Park Goes Home With the Cop Who Saved Her
Starving injured and abandoned, a stray boxer-pit bull mix lay on the ground in a public park in Bloomington, Indiana. Passersby who stumbled upon her
This cat and dog are travelling the world together on an interesting adventure and the whole thing is too adorable
Cats and dogs aren’t exactly known for getting along, but that hasn’t stopped one adorable duo from becoming best friends. Pooch Henry and
Interesting News
Puppy born with 6 legs, 2 tails called a ‘miracle’
Every dog owner likely thinks their canine is one of a kind, but a newborn puppy named Skipper is truly unique — she was born with six legs and two tails
The kitten abandoned in a pet shop window was saved by a man from dying
There are so many interesting coincidences in our life which are given to help others or to save someone’s life from dying. This story happened to a small
A beautiful animal was hiding in the forest of Ocean Spring city
This story happened in one of the forests of America. An odd-looking animal was noticed in the American city of Ocean Springs in January.
Because of the loss of her pet, a teenage girl began helping animals and met him while working at an animal shelter
Today’s story is about a girl who lost her pet a few years ago. While the entire family was on vacation, a black and white pet got away.
People brought a kitten and noticed that they had already seen this face somewhere
This heart-breaking story is about a cat that missed his dead friend very much. After Gravy’s friend passed away, the owners of Gravy began to look for
The man started to cry when he realized it was time to turn the foster kittens back to the shelter
When this guy decided to foster a few kittens, he had no idea how emotional the experience would be.
The smart dog pit bull felt the danger and did not let the owners to enter the house
An 11-year-old pit bull is being hailed as a hero after she went to great lengths in order to escape from her home and bring police officers to the door.
The cat who became a ticket controller in the station
Today’s story is about a stray cat who became a ticket controller. Every morning the passengers of one of Israeli railway station are welcomed by a lovely cat.