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This amazing dog warmed a 2-year-old baby for two days so that he wouldn’t freeze in the cold
This interesting story that happened in the Altai Territory, few people will not cause tears. Everyone knows that this region is famous for harsh winters.
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The fluffy creature became a ticket controller in the station
Let’s get acquainted with this story about a stray cat who became a ticket controller. Every morning the passengers of one of Israeli railway station are
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Woman Discovers Someone Wild Living in Her Ceiling
Sabrina Raven is used to animals invading her house. Living just outside Brisbane, Australia, she has had all sorts of uninvited wild visitors — from blue-tongued
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The postman’s lunch was stolen by two dogs and their owner did not remain in debt
Ever since Carol Jordan adopted Bear and Bull six years ago, the black Lab mixes have had a knack for getting into trouble. Partners in crime since the
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Compassionate and Kind Ostrich Offers Comfort to Baby Elephants at Orphaned Animal Sanctuary
It may take a village to raise a child, but at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in Nairobi, Kenya, it takes an ostrich to raise an elephant herd.
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Dog Abandoned In Park Goes Home With the Cop Who Saved Her
Starving injured and abandoned, a stray boxer-pit bull mix lay on the ground in a public park in Bloomington, Indiana. Passersby who stumbled upon her
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A pigeon that can’t fly befriended a puppy that can’t walk
Meet Herman and Lundy, recent cuddle buddies and rescue animals. The two are an unlikely pair: Herman, a pigeon, suffered neurological damage more than a year ago.
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Puppy born with 6 legs, 2 tails called a ‘miracle’
Every dog owner likely thinks their canine is one of a kind, but a newborn puppy named Skipper is truly unique — she was born with six legs and two tails
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A father from West Sussex has raised nearly £5,000 for a homeless charity by drawing “rubbish” pictures of pets
It all started when Phil – who operates under the spoof alias “acclaimed artist Hercule Van Wolf winkle” – doodled his pet dog
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Woman rescues injured ‘dog’ but examined vets say it’s something else
Andrea Ati was driving down the road when she came across a young canine in distress. His leg appeared to be broken, and she knew he needed immediate help.
The family let their cat into the house, and then found her exact copy on the sofa
Maia has been with her family since she was a kitten. She has always been incredibly sweet and mellow and mostly just goes with the flow.
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Cat holding the kitten in her teeth began hitting the house thereby saving people’s lives
Let’s get acquainted with this snow-white cat which lives with her owners in a private house. The cat enjoys living in an open air and not in the apartment.