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This amazing dog warmed a 2-year-old baby for two days so that he wouldn’t freeze in the cold
This interesting story that happened in the Altai Territory, few people will not cause tears. Everyone knows that this region is famous for harsh winters.
Meet Saul, Cat with Grumpy Face after A Road Traffic Accident until Jaw Fractures
Today, we will take you to meet a stray cat named “Saul” who has the nickname the cat with a grumpy face all the time. On October 15, the cat
A Photographer was at home when heard that something fell on the sofa
This story is about a man who found something strange in his house. When Rian Nissens who was a photographer, moved into his new house in South Africa
13-Year-Old Poor Cat Could Hardly Walk Due To the Weight of Knotted Fur
A 13 year old cat was so happy to be free from a pound of matted fur and to feel comfortable again that he cuddled with his rescuer in pure bliss.
Saved Orphaned Kittens Finds New Dad in Tabby Cat
These two lovely siblings; Koi and Haku found themselves at a pound in Japan, in need of rescue. A woman saved them in the nick of time and gave them a new home.
Interesting News
The fluffy creature became a ticket controller in the station
Let’s get acquainted with this story about a stray cat who became a ticket controller. Every morning the passengers of one of Israeli railway station are
A stray cat who was wandering around the parking area saved by a man
This abandoned cat was once noticed by a man in the parking station. The cat was wandering there a lot. The man decided to come nearer to her, but was
15 Year-Old Shelter Cat Finds the Humans He’s been waiting For All His Life
Senior cats are from the eleventh year and beyond are equally 60 years old in relation to people years. They are hardly to be an apple in human’s eyes
Cat has ingenious way to get upstairs to avoid the dog
Today’s story is about a dog and a cat that cannot get along under one roof. Marcin Telus has come up with an idea that could help manage even the frostiest
Interesting News
The postman’s lunch was stolen by two dogs and their owner did not remain in debt
Ever since Carol Jordan adopted Bear and Bull six years ago, the black Lab mixes have had a knack for getting into trouble. Partners in crime since the
Cool Videos
Compassionate and Kind Ostrich Offers Comfort to Baby Elephants at Orphaned Animal Sanctuary
It may take a village to raise a child, but at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in Nairobi, Kenya, it takes an ostrich to raise an elephant herd.
A kind-hearted lioness saves an injured baby fox from being eaten by a hungry lion
Do you believe in miracles? If you do, then this story will be interesting for you. This story is from one of the national parks in Botswana.