The woman left the house for while and found something interesting after return


This story is about a cat Ruga who appeared in Queensland, Australia when he was 8. And luckily he was immediately adopted by a generous girl named Angelina and her fiancé Chris.

At first this young couple decided to only take a cute purr for overexposure. But days passed, and Angelina realized that she want to stay with this lovely cat.

When Ruga first appeared in a new house, he immediately became very close to the family. He loves to get care and attention from them, besides that Ruga also likes to find a cozy and warm place in order to have a good night’s sleep there.

Angelina was finishing baking cakes the other day when she realized that it was due time to pick up the car from the mechanic who fixed it. The mechanic lives not far from Angelina’s house, so she pulled the cakes out of the oven to cool after which she and her husband went to the door.

But suddenly an interesting idea occurred in Ruga’s mind. He came closer to the cooling delicacy. Ruga climbed onto the warm oven and slept there.

On returning home, Angelina found the cat sleeping peacefully right on the cakes.

Ruga opened his eyes, looked at his owners and fell asleep again. The cat could not even think how wonderful to climb onto the warm oven and falling asleep right on top of the cakes.As for him, it is the warmest place to have a sleep.

Angelina laughed at her favorite pet for a long time and carefully stroke the “frost” on the fur.

What do think about this interesting story? How would you act if you were Angelina’s place.Would you be angry at you pet or not?

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