The rarest and most wonderful horse breed Isabella has gleaming and sumptuous skin


There are many breeding horses in the wild, which admire their beauty and perfection. But have you known about Isabella’s horse? Horses of this color are astounding animals, considered the rarest in the planet, so they are highly valued and not cheap.

The skin of horses has a cream color, the body with the same color mane and tail, without any pigments. The wool is shiny and in the sun shimmers with silver.

Foals are born white with pink skin and blue eyes. With age, their coat gains the final tone, and their eyes stay blue.

Photographers love taking photos of these marvels, because they are so attractive, their fur is reflected in a rainbow when the camera flashes. To value the luxury  of the described beautiful horse, just look at the picture.

These elegant, apparently delicate animals have incredible resilience, good health, and quickly adjust to various weather conditions..

These creatures continue to exist mainly in animal sanctuaries. Because of their intelligence and strength, they are no less than ordinary horses.

Arabian horses need constant attention and care. They are frequently trained as show animals but recently, animal protectors have launched boycotts against their abuse.

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  1. Linda Leitch

    Is Isabella the actual name of the horse pictured or is the name the type of breed? Where could I see one of these horses ?