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A story about a horse, Destiny who gave birth twins twice
Sometimes there are cases that we think never would happen, but nevertheless, it happens. So in our reality it is called a miracle. This story happened
The rarest and most wonderful horse breed Isabella has gleaming and sumptuous skin
There are many breeding horses in the wild, which admire their beauty and perfection. But have you known about Isabella’s horse? Horses of this color are
Everyone was moved to tears when the horse came to say goodbye to her dying owner
It was a very heart touching moment and everyone’s eyes were filled with tears when the horse came to bid farewell to her dying proprietor Sheila
For over 15 years the horse everyday passes the same path that her previous owner used to ride her on.
In Frankfurt, Germany, a great white Arabian horse strolls every day. She doesn’t need guards, because she knows the way well indeed.