A Photographer was at home when heard that something fell on the sofa


This story is about a man who found something strange in his house. When Rian Nissens who was a photographer, moved into his new house in South Africa and found out that the place was taken. A family of little galago primates put his nest right under the roof.

These four animals chose the house and made their nest. And fortunately this kind of neighborhood did not cause Ryan any conveniences so he decided not to disturb them.

But one day something interesting happened and the photographer had to know them much better. Ryan said that while he was working on his computer, he heard a very strange sound.

Suddenly a tiny creature fell out of the nest and sat on the sofa.

Luckily, the little creature was not injured and had only a slight fright. But the mother of this baby was restlessly moving around the roof and watching Ryan intently.

The photographer was admiring by this cute little creature and took a good care of  the baby. Later Ryan put the baby on the kitchen table and moved away in order the mother could approach him.

As soon as the mother approached the baby, she grabbed it and in a few jumps returned back it into the nest.

Finally after doing a several jumps the mother delivered her child back to the nest.

Thanks to the photographer for being kind and understanding to this family and also for letting this lovely family of beautiful animals to live in peace and safety.

So what do you think about this heart-breaking and beautiful story? How would you act in place of the photographer? Will you let them in or not?

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