The fluffy creature became a ticket controller in the station

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Let’s get acquainted with this story about a stray cat who became a ticket controller. Every morning the passengers of one of Israeli railway station are welcomed by a lovely cat. The passengers cannot keep their emotions when they pass by.

This happened in the Israeli town of Petah Tikva near Tel Aviv. The residents of Petah Tikva were witnessed by an unusual sight. The stray cat settled at the local station.

In the station nobody wants to drive away this wonderful ticket controller, as passengers are happy to her every day and even they stroke this fluffy creature on their way to work. This cat was named Shawarma.

Being at the station every day, this lovely cat became in the center of sweetest attribute. Every day she makes the passengers smile at the station.

The passengers and the workers already get used to her and love Shawarma in the unique way: ”One day I was coming back from work”, says one local resident.-And I noticed a fluffy creature lying on the turnstile. It was very nice. She made me smile.

In general this cute cat likes to lie here which is her favorite place, on the turnstile, by checking everyone who passes.

And one day, one of the passengers installed a video and a photo of the cat in social sites; it fastly got popularity, becoming a star widely not only on a local scale but also out of it.

Just have a glance at this cat! Shawarma got used to human presence and enjoyed being in the station with its people.

So do you think this story interesting? Would you like to take care of this kind of cat like Shawarma.

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