The fox and hound: Roxy the rescued fox has her own basket and goes for a walk – just like a real dog.


This story is about Roxy, the fox, which was nursed her back to health – because she has started behaving just like a dog. She was rescued when a member of the public spotted her, but has since started sleeping in a dog basket, chewing on an old bone, and even heading for walks with her new-found canine chums.

Roxy was rescued by staff at Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, after she was found by a member of the public almost strangled after being found dangling off a bridge with rope around her neck.

But as volunteers at the sanctuary nursed her back to health, they were baffled by her doggy tendencies.

And when she had recovered enough to be released back into the wild, staff were worried she had become so domesticated she would not survive – and were forced to let her stay at the sanctuary full time.

Lucky Roxy now enjoys a dogs’ life – spending her days playing with squeaky dog toys, chasing balls, and chewing on bones in the sanctuary’s gardens. She enjoys a daily walk, with the center’s dogs, and even walks to heel on the lead. But she enjoys nothing more than snuggling up to staff and a good tummy tickle – even wagging her tail in appreciation.

Jeff Greucock, who runs the sanctuary, said: “We found Roxy dangling from a bridge, caught in a rope. She was very lethargic, and obviously very ill. “She seemed to be used to human interaction, so we believe someone had tried to hand rear her for a time. “As we nursed her back to health, we realized she was far too tame to ever survive in the wild, so she made her home here.

She is so friendly, and loves playing with all the dogs we have here. ”We have six foxes at the sanctuary, and although Roxy will occasionally have a sniff as she walks past them, she much prefers playing with the other dogs.

But she seems to love human interaction most of all. She’s very spoilt but she’s such a lovely girl she deserves it.

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