A kind-hearted lioness saves an injured baby fox from being eaten by a hungry lion
Do you believe in miracles? If you do, then this story will be interesting for you. This story is from one of the national parks in Botswana.
The fox and hound: Roxy the rescued fox has her own basket and goes for a walk – just like a real dog.
This story is about Roxy, the fox, which was nursed her back to health – because she has started behaving just like a dog. She was rescued when a
A woman raising this puppy for a year, discovers that she’s living With a White Fox
One day while taking a walk along the street, a woman named Wang noticed a cute puppy. As all the animals need not only care and love but also attention
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The greatest place in Japan is the fox village where you can feed and love pet foxes
Zao Kitsune Mura is an extraordinary place in the north of Honshu, in the mysterious mountains of Miyagi Prefecture. Here in a huge area with its own sanctuary
Domestic fox that eats from a plate and takes strolls around evening time with her owner
Everybody knows what kind of animals it is standard to have at home in city conditions. Primarily, the list is restricted to dogs, cats, hamsters and parrots.