Everyone was moved to tears when the horse came to say goodbye to her dying owner


It was a very heart touching moment and everyone’s eyes were filled with tears when the horse came to bid farewell to her dying proprietor Sheila Marsh whose employment place was the Haydock Park Racecourse since she was 21.

Horses have always played a significant role in her life – particularly Bronwen, whom Sheila has fed, raised and loved a lot since childhood.

They have lived together for about 20 years.

It is a sad fact that 77-year-old Marsh was diagnosed with deadly cancer in her old age.

On her deathbed, she wanted to see his beloved horse, Bronwen, once more.

Sheila’s health got worse every day, and her daughter Tina Marsh pleaded for support from the clinic staff in Wigan (England), where she was lying.

The physicians willingly responded and said that they would assist with satisfying the last wish of the dying lady.

They took Sheila’s gurney to the parking area, where all her beloved horses were looking forward to her.

Also among them was Bronwen.

When Bronwen came up to her, Sheila felt great joy.

She hardly whispered the name of her beloved horse, and Bronwen buried her nose in her cheek.

As indicated by Tina:

“Mom had a hard time talking on her last day, but she clearly called Bronwen by name and  kissed her.”

Bronwen leaned over and tenderly bidded farewell by kissing Sheila.

Upon seeing this heart touching  picture, Tina couldn’t hold her tears.


“I cried, and every one of the medical attendants also cried. She received consolation, it was such a delightful second! She had a very unique relationship with Bronwen. She took care of her for 18 or 19 years, since Bronwen was 7. It was touching for us all, because it was very vital.”

It is wonderful how great feelings emerge between living creatures – both people and horses.

Furthermore it appears to be that we live for  those who are in our heart, and this spiritual intimacy has no limits.

Obviously, Sheila couldn’t leave without bidding farewell.


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  1. Shirley

    That was awesome! So touching

  2. Tenanty James


  3. Martina

    Absolutely beautiful moment 😭😭😭

  4. vashtie.persad

    Such a beautiful 💕 yet touching moment, animals are so loving.

  5. Wayland Ethridge

    Life recognizes life, whether human or animal. It’s all the creation of the Creator.

  6. Elma Adam

    So touching 😥😥

  7. Edward Driscoll

    Very touching. I will remember this line from the story.

    Furthermore it appears to be that we live for those who are in our heart, and this spiritual intimacy has no limits

  8. Drenna Frick..

    Wow!!! how touching…we loved our horses too..they were sooo much pleasure & fun!!! miss them sooo much!!