The pet from the refuge marked that the young lady was damaged and ran to save her

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The vagrant pet could get a holder for himself. Everything was done after the protection of a houseless girl. The employers of animal asylum found the dog outside whose name was Picasso.

He had not neckband and nobody was searching him.  When the members of the animal  asylum were going for a walk with their pets,  Picasso noticed to Abby Ellis  who was 16 years old who had installed herself near the way with her head on her knees.

The animal went towards the foreigner and later hugged on her to pacify her.

Abby’s head was declined to her leg and the girl fall dawn. Picasso could go under her figure to help.

Later he started to save her. If the dog could not help the girl, the girl would fell down and injure her face-told Abby’s mom.

When the girl perceived the animals love, she started to take care of him and the fright left her slowly. The girl was protected and could stop on her leg and she went back to the house with her mom.

But she could not forget to her savior and the following day she visited to the asylum.

Meeting with Abby Picasso embraced her instantly. At that time the girl understood that she would hold the pet. I am very happy that he selected me-told Abby.

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