The 10-Year Bond between a House Cat and Bear

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Mäuschen and Muschi had an unlikely friendship that captured world attention.

A ten-year friendship between a stray black house cat named Muschi and a 43-year-old shaggy Asian bear, Mäuschen, enchanted the world. The unlikely duo who lived in the Berlin Zoo became famous, appearing on a TV show, “Panda, Gorilla & Co.”

Over a decade, the giant bear and the little black cat were inseparable, sharing food and their home. However, nobody knew where Muschi came from. She was a stray and just showed up in Mäuschen’s enclosure one day.

At the Zoo, the cat and the bear became a big sensation. Daily, regular visitors came to see what they were up to. According to German news, Mäuschen, ironically the word for “little mouse,” quickly adopted and defended Muschi, translating to “pussy.” Once, zookeepers separated the odd couple as they were working on upgrading Mäuschen’s enclosure.

During this time, the now-elderly bear went to a temporary holding area separate from the cat. However, the loyal Muschi became distraught and made it clear to the zookeepers that she wanted to be with her friend. Soon after, they let Muschi go into the bear’s temporary cage for a visit.

“They greeted each other and had a cuddle, and now they’re happy,’ said Heiner Kloes, who worked at the Zoo. Amazingly, the Asian bear lived with Muschi until 43-years-old. Thereafter, the cat remained cared for by the zookeepers.

The cat had a real fan club, mostly among the older, regular visitors.

But where Muschi, a normal black domestic cat, came from remains a mystery.

‘She appeared from nowhere in 2000 and we decided to leave them together because they got on so well,’ Mr Kloes said.

They sunbathed together and shared meals of raw meat, dead mice, fruit and bread.

The enlarged enclosure will reopen in the spring.

But one day the cat disappeared. There were rumors that kind people took her home. But whether it is true or not is unknown.

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