The stray dog got sausage from a girl and the animal began to cry as a sign of gratitude

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Today’s story is very touching. In one of the most heartwarming videos to appear on the internet lately, a stray dog can be seen crying after being fed by a kind stranger.

The video is apparently from China, in which the stray dog can be seen wandering around a park and begging for food from strangers. At one moment, the dog can be seen standing on its feet and asking for food from strangers by wagging its tails and shaking its front paws.

He appears to have watery eyes as stranger breaks up a sausage for him to eat, before the stray quickly devours the food left for him, Daily Star reports.

The video was shared by the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous. According to Daily Star, the video is from a park in the city of Jinzhong, Shanxi province. The unnamed woman, while talking to the local press said that she revisited the dog the next day and it recognized her by wagging its tail, which can also be seen in the viral video that is going viral online.

The woman said that she and her friends tried to bring the dog home but when they tried to carry the animal to their car it jumped down and went away. She added that the pooch might have got scared thinking they are trying to abduct it like the dog snatchers in the city who woo animals with food and then flee with them in their cars.

The dog has now gone missing from the area as the woman said she went to the park after a few days but couldn’t find the animal. The woman said that she has asked cleaners to look for the dog and inform her if they get any information.

The video had gone viral on the Chinese video-sharing platform Douyin, where one of the users urged people to not hurt the dog if they find it. Another user hoped the dog to be in a safe place and away from the snatchers in the city.

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