The human brought house both left pit bulls from the asylum and then they gave thanks to him


A person went an asylum where he saw two pit bulls who were left by their holders. The pets were very unhappy and the person brought them house. The individual did not realize that his action would help him to save his life latterly.

Both pets Ellabelle and Ladybug were in challenge. These sweet dogs were left by their holders, but later destiny conducted them to the same refuge.

They were very afraid and did not want to relate with rescuers, but someday anything was replaced.

An individual whose name was Robert McGowan arrived to the asylum. He was waiting for his companion when he listened the tale of the two pets.

After meeting them he understood that he would bring house the two pit bulls and not one of them.

They instantly became companions and had fun with each other. The animals were used in their new house some time later but they gave their thanks fully.

Once Robert was renovating his machine in the carport when four persons hurried inside instantly. One of them striked in the face and ordered to give him the key of machine. Robert answered that they were in the house.  Three impostors remained with him and one entered the house to look for keys.

But in the house the faithful pets were expecting him. They pursued him and next went out from the unlocked  door attacked  on the others.

The attackers were not damaged, but they understood rapidly that they could not resist the two furious animals and they runned away from the place of an attack.

Robert stayed with black eye, however it did not end horribly. The person donated them place, protection and love.

This was sufficient for both creatures selfishly jump on the group of offensive humans, not contemplating about their existence.

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