Stray pit bull adopts abandoned kitten as her own


Our wonderful story is about a nursing pit bull who was roaming the busy highway in southeast Dallas. After observing the landfill, the rescuers found out a very interesting fact.

The dog is circling near the same place. The worker even guided the volunteers to the back of the dump where they got shocked. They found there a small fluffy ball whose whole body was covered in mud. They were surprised when they found a newborn puppy.

Soon it turned out that the local cat gave birth to the baby and abandoned it. Fortunately Pittie found the sweet kitten and due to her, the Kitty stayed alive.

Just then the pit bull together with the Kitty was taken to the vet for medical inspection. There, both animals received care by veterinarian Rick Hamlin, DVM, who owns and runs the clinic. Hamlin took the kitten home with him that night to make sure she got fed, though, the adopted mother was not happy about that.

After being separated from the kitten, Pitty started howling. Every morning, however, Pittie is anxiously waiting to see her adopted baby. The vet said that the pit bull might have been lost her baby because she still had milk.

The kitten is blessed to meet Pittie on her way.

However, soon Kitty got diagnosed with malformation in her kidney and bladder. Now it was clear why the mother abandoned her. The clinic continues to let Pitty care for the kitten while also trying to find them a new home together.

But unfortunately the vets could not save Kitty’s life no matter how hard they tried.

The pit bull soon got adopted and now lives happily in her new family.

Several dogs already live in the new family, so the pit bull did not get bored.

In spite of the fact that Pittie and Kitty’s duet was not long-lived, it really touched the hearts of everyone who saw them together.

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