Once the German shepherd lost his route to home but then he got it after 14 months


A German Shepherd who was three years old was lost in June 2019.  His holders Natasha Jones and George Harden said that the dog went out of the garden looking for a doll and was lost.

The partners did not realize how it could take place. For a long time they looked for an animal with guardians, informed to their neighbors and examined the control cameras of the town.

On one of them was seen how the foreigner pulled the dog in the street, but they could not discover him. George was a service dog trainer and kept the dog for his job. The animal lived in the house for four weeks was favored by the family. 14 s later anything unbelievable took place.

On hot august daytime somebody struck the door. The voice was very cloudy and one of the familiars decided to inspect the front door and cried immediately There is a big sheep dog here.

The partners instantly went out and noticed their Ricco. He stopped and expected them and seeing the holders he hurried to them.

I thought that I would be able to get him anytime-tells Natasha. Each time seeing a German Shepherd nI thought it was Rico. The partners tell that the life without his dear dog was awful.

The partners did not think where the dog was but are glad that the dog came back at last. During his nonappearance Ricco got stronger and increased about 20 kilograms.

His holders think that it was due to the case he was closed for a long time without operating. But the family tries to do anything to recover him.

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