Mother deer came near the door of her relatives house to demonstrate her children to her closest friend dog


The relationship between several groups of pets is incredible. Today it is a certain connection which continued for 11 years. Deer Buttons made contact with her closest Golden Retriever G-Bro. Lorrie, the member of G-Bro did not know how to protect her when she was saved.

One of his companions had the capacity of taking care of the deer and he asked for help. In a short time Buttons made a part of Lorrie’s house. She and her lovely dog became friends soon.

After liberating Buttons from savage, she returned.  She met with her nice family every day.

She was not able to live without her friends, who liked her very much and was friendly with her.  One of the causes everyday visitation was to meet with her closest friend G-Bro. Their extraordinary relationship was unbelievable.

One time when Buttons wanted assistance, she came again demonstrating her children and asking for help to protect them. Exceptionally he asked for help from her close friend G-Bro who helped her with his maternal duties.

It was so amazing as he met with deer’s children at first time. He became their parent and loved them very much.

G-Bro had fun with them, hold and protected them. He was kind, gentle with them and took care of them all the time.

So day by day Buttons usually came near to the front door and called the G-Bro to come outside.

She taped to the door when did not answer anybody. When the door was unlocked, she came in without expecting any request. Nevertheless Buttons makes part of the group.

The wonderful couple liked to go out, to walk, have a good time playing in the snow, but their hobby was to purify to one another. I think, that their long-lasting relationship will give them great pleasure and satisfaction.

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