Cat has ingenious way to get upstairs to avoid the dog


Today’s story is about a dog and a cat that cannot get along under one roof. Marcin Telus has come up with an idea that could help manage even the frostiest antagonism between pets; like between dog and cat.

He was worried that his cat Simba and German Shepherd Zara weren’t getting along.

They were never going to cuddle up in the kitchen together – so Marcin cut a hole in the wall and made a series of jumps letting Simba use a high-rise cat flap and avoid dealing with any aggro.

It means she essentially has her own wing of the house, as Zara isn’t allowed upstairs.

Marcin told the Daily Record: ‘They tolerate each other but they prefer to stay apart.

‘The cat likes to be somewhere high so the best solution to get the cat access to the house was using a set of shelves up to the cat flap in the wall.

‘Sometimes she would rather walk down than jump, depending on her mood, so I added in the stepping blocks for her. She loves it.’

‘Simba is now very independent and she can come and go without bothering the dog.’

To build the separate cat entrance at the house in Edinburgh, Marcin cut a hole in an upstairs wall then installed the jumps using wooden shelves.

It hasn’t totally solved their warring, as they still flick each other with their paws when they see each other.

But as a general rule, dividing the house into spheres of influence has worked perfectly.

So what do you think about this story? Do you believe that there can be friendship between these two different animals?

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