A stray cat who was wandering around the parking area saved by a man


This abandoned cat was once noticed by a man in the parking station. The cat was wandering there a lot. The man decided to come nearer to her, but was escaping from him.

A month passed, the same man came back and again saw the cat there. As soon there would be winter, he could not leave the animal in the parking place during the whole period.

The man, Sylvian asked the staff of parking about this cat and found out a lot of about the cat. This cat appeared in this place two or three months ago. He realized that this cute creature needed care, so Sylvian decided to take some pictures of the cat and posted them on Facebook. So maybe it could help to find her owners.

But there was no answer to this post, looked like nobody was interested in the cat. Therefore Sylvian decided to turn to the local rescue group for help. Unfortunately all the volunteers were very busy, so he had to take the cat himself.

Every day Sylvian started to visit and take care of the cat as he wanted to gain her trust. Some times later this cute cat became braver and was not afraid of him.

Once Sylvian installed a trap in the parking area and soon caught the purr. Then he took the cat home and fed her well. This lovely cat felt safer and stronger in a new shelter.

The following weekend the man took the cat into veterinary clinic for medical examination. But suddenly to his surprise it turned out that this cute cat is pregnant.

Luckily the cat is not in cold outside and she had a warm and safe place for her babies.

Sylvian decided to name the cat Tisha and took care of her until he found a volunteer who knows how to look after the kittens.

A girl named Stephanie took Tisha with her in November.

Tisha easily got along with everybody in the new place and with her foster mother. Soon she delivered four adorable and healthy kittens. Stephanie was close to the cat when she gave birth.

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