Blind-deaf puppy with pink color fur is on mission to help others


This is just another beautiful and touching story with animals. It is very interesting to find out about the life story of the dog named Piglette.

This dog is a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund. The baby they had as we can see has a special pink color.

However later in life it became apparent that the dog is blind and deaf. That special thing did not disturb him from fully enjoying life. The dog was rescued from bad conditions and the foster family just could not give up on him and finally decided to adopt him.

Now after a very rough start in life, Piglet’s foster mom Melissa Shapiro started posting his journey on Instagram. And, after swiftly gaining over 170,000 followers, Shapiro knew that Piglet had a purpose in life— to share his message with the world. Piglette enjoys the love and care of his new family.

That message soon spread to a Massachusetts’ third-grade classroom after their teacher came across Piglet’s compelling story. If Piglet could persevere through his personal challenges, so could her students. She called it the “Piglet Mindset.” Correspondence between Shapiro and the teacher led to Piglet having a surprise visit to a classroom of delighted students.

When two dapple dogs mate, there is a 25 percent chance the puppies will inherit two dapple genes, and congenital eye and ear problems with it. Lucky for Piglet, he was rescued and brought to a shelter, where Shapiro took him home to foster. And guess what? She adopted him.

During the first few months, Piglet needed lots of extra care and attention. This little disabled pup was terribly scared and filled with separation anxiety. He was in a constant state of panic and screamed when he wasn’t sleeping. Shapiro couldn’t even leave his side at all during the first month.

Shapiro devoted lots of time and care to help the little dog be strong and courageous, and Piglet proved to be quite the little pink trooper. He went from a scared, cowering puppy to a brave dog excited to take on the world, meeting people, snuggling with his dad, and playing with his dog siblings. This little powerhouse of a dog brought smiles wherever he went.

This lovely dog has found his true mission. Positive attitude towards life helped Piglette to overcome the difficulties of life.

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