The greatest place in Japan is the fox village where you can feed and love pet foxes

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Zao Kitsune Mura is an extraordinary place in the north of Honshu, in the mysterious mountains of Miyagi Prefecture. Here in a huge area with its own sanctuary, more than a hundred foxes of six various species live.

In addition to the famous red foxes, there are silver foxes, arctic blue foxes, platinum foxes, arctic foxes, and crossbred foxes that can be found in the village of Zao.

People who think it is cruel for foxes to be in a dormitory, should not worry, as the area is quite large and foxes have enough space to move safely and freely.

Foxes are even checked once a year for preventing infections. During the whole existence of the fox village, there was not a single case of disease.

Besides more than a hundred foxes, you can see pet goats, rabbits and ponies.

Visitors to the park have the opportunity not only to walk around the area without any fear, but also to feed the amazing chanterelles, keeping some caution.

Although the residents of the park are essentially accustomed, and are not scared of people at all, we should not fail to remember that they are not domestic animals and  close contact with them is not safe.

The principles of communication are as per the following: you ought not feed animals from your hands, approach animals that are sleeping and disturb them.

The park was opened to guests in 1990. You can get into that absolutely beautiful  place for 100 yen, which is less than $ 1.

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