The cat holder couldn’t stop crying after knowing where was her cat going, abandoning her kittens


This emotional story instantly extends over the planet via social media. It shows once more time that our four-footed companions are much more gracious than ourselves.

Today’s heroine is the cat called Mila. She inhabited with his holder.

Mila was very careful and devoted parent but lately her holder had marked that the fluffy cat abandons her kids and goes to another place for a long time. Until going she gave food to the kittens, then she abandons and each day like this.

One time the female determined to pursue the cat to discover where she always goes. When she knew the right she wasn’t able to regain consciousness for a long time.

It was obvious that the cat walked to the surrounding forest to give her milk to the neonate squirrels.

When their mom left them and how Mila knew about them, we aren’t aware. But the maternal feelings don’t allow her to leave alone them. The female brought them house so that each time the cat hadn’t abandon her kittens.

Today everything is okay with the newborns!

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