For over 15 years the horse everyday passes the same path that her previous owner used to ride her on.


In Frankfurt, Germany, a great white Arabian horse strolls every day. She doesn’t need guards, because she knows the way well indeed.

Jenny, a 25-year-old horse, was ridden this way by her owner, who died over 15 years prior.

A delicate horse always goes out for a morning stroll around the city .

In the past Jenny didn’t stroll all alone – she was an essential part for a horse – drawn “caravan” driven by the mare’s proprietor, Werner Weischedel.

Werner died at the age of 82. After some time, Jenny’s good friend, a dark horse named Charlie, also passed because of being old.

Hence, the wife of Weischedel decided to ride on the horse as her husband had done before.

At first Jenny was guarded on the way of her morning strolls.

However, later, the new proprietor understood that the horse could handle it herself.

From that point forward, Jenny freely and smoothly strolls through the roads of the city, following a way that is well known to her.

Some might think that a lonely horse strolling around the city is somewhat unusual and it may be perilous.

Nonetheless the free horse is well aware of its own way –  she walks like any ordinary pedestrian.

Weischedel’s wife even cooperates with Frankfurt law enforcement in order to be sure Jenny and the residents are safe.

Due to that, in 15 years there hasn’t been a single case related to the white horse.

Furthermore, Jenny has turned into a superstar among the local people.

They all long to meet with the  beautiful horse: some stop to welcome and pet her, treat her and even to tidy up after her.

During the years, Jenny became well known even outside her little local area in Frankfurt.

And the story of this amazing Arabian horse now brings joy to people all over the world.

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