Domestic fox that eats from a plate and takes strolls around evening time with her owner


Everybody knows what kind of animals it is standard to have at home in city conditions. Primarily, the list is restricted to dogs, cats, hamsters and parrots. But in contrast, Alexei has a fox at home. Indeed, the one that typically lives in the forests.

Alexei lives in Belarus. At the point when he went around his country, he at first visited Grodno. Deciding to book a spot to remain in the city, his web search tool gave the address of the city zoo.

Here, Alexei found an amazing chance to purchase an animal. As soon as he noticed that they were selling a fox, he settled on obtaining it.

The boy says that the fox likes meat and usually eats chicken or beef. Alexei cooks the meat so that there is no blood in it. Also, Nicole (that’s the name of the fox) simply adores cheese, grapes and porridge.

The fox knows how to eat from a plate. She was shown this not by a man, but rather by a feline that also lives with Alexei. Obviously, Nicole is active generally around evening time.

Consequently, Alexei strolls with her at 12 at night. On a walk, a chain is an absolute necessity. She easily bites the usual rope.

The fox is viewed as a vulnerable creature.

Thus, her new proprietor is constantly astounded when Nicole’s eyes are filled with tears after scolding her.

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