The schoolboy discovered a neonate dog in the grass when he increased, he became a purebred puppy


The child whose name was Eugene was coming back from the college. He was nimble look like the other guys and when he met with the neighbor’s kid, he determined to play with him.

They decided to play hide and seek. When he was trying to hide, he saw a pussy on the grass as he assumed. When he caught the pet, he noticed that it was cub.

The dog was very little. He was neonate. His eyes were not open and he hardly moved. Eugene instantly came out from the shrubs and indicated the cub to the neighbor’s kid.

The boy told him to discard the odd creature. But Eugene took him house. His mom wondered when he noticed the creature. She hadn’t ever met such tiny cub yet. The mother rapidly went to the pet shop. She was informed how to take care of this cub.

At that moment the female was on holiday and had a whole month to nurse the pet. In a month grew enough and would able to consume food by itself. This is surprise that he was converted into a big purebred Chihuahua dog from a small cub.

He was as white as the snow but his eyes were black as balls. He was guy and was called Bonya. His complete name was Boniface. How this dog finished up lonely in the grass so tiny, one can just suppose.

But the reality is that the guy found him and didn’t abandon him, but took care of him with his mom.

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