The dog had left his holders during the stroll: the child supported to return house the lost pet


An Australian Shepherd which name was Luna escaped during the stroll. The small guy could get back the dog when he weeped.

She recommended the family members to put some elements of clothes in the locations where the pet preferred to be, so that he would be able to perceive the natural odor of those things.

Later the Moon was noticed on the security cameras which was put near the home where the Myers family resided. The holders started to look for the puppy.

When they noticed the dog, he was afraid and didn’t want to approximate. ‘Our shouts frightened her and she escaped’ told Amber Myers. Some time later they came back once more for the animal, but this time they brought  their babies with them.

When Amber and her partner were looking for the dog, Amber’s sister took a seat in the machine with her girl Braylin and infant boy Bowen. The child was exhausted and began shedding tears.

The child’s cry attracted Luna’s attention. She reached the machine when she listened Bowen’s cry. The pet was troubled and inspected if everything was good with the guy.

This step supported to return the dog house where she performs with the babies once more time and takes pleasure in clawing the holders.

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