The cat wanted to remain with the family that rescued him and his wish came true


Week-old kittens appeared in a Montreal shelter. Such children need to be fed often during every day, so this responsibility was given to a  team of volunteers.

And there was a little red-haired kitten that was holding on to life with his paws with  his last strength.

He was rescued by the experienced rescuer Jesse, who took the little cat home, took care of him and fed him through a tube, loved and warmed him and was always close by.

Jess didn’t know if the red-haired cat would survive, yet he was not going to surrender easily for his life. And his efforts were not in vain – day by day the kitten was getting better.

The red-head cat was named Marsik, and soon he became so solid that he was able to swallow by himself, attempting to eat up at every feeding.

Furthermore, eventually, he stayed on his paws, so one of their volunteers, named Coralie, had an opportunity  to take him to her house.

Not missing the next feeding, the young lady started to keep Marsik in a big pocket – where he felt incredibly well.

From the start, Coralie had no clue about ​​keeping a new pet for good. However, the shrewd red face figured out how to enter into the hearts of the family that sheltered him.

Thus, when it came time to snuggle the kid, he had solid feet in the house, and currently the red-haired lovely one rushes around the house in the young lady’s family.

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