Kameroun Mares ultimately discovered his missing dog Semper Fidelis after two years of continuous seeking


Kameroun Mares ultimately got his missing dog Semper Fidelis after a couple of years of continuous seeking.

It is impressive to notice two hearts meet again. Husky the Kameroun Meres’s favorite dog was lost once.

The sad female attempted to seek him all over the place it was probable. When Kameroun primary found Semper, he was a small, attractive cub. It was a very difficult life stage for this sweet lady, she was fighting against cancer.

Semper was a very great friend, who appeared to console her and in some way made possible to struggle against disease. The cub’s denomination Semper Fidelis signified “Loyal forever” and that signification was specific to her pet’s nature.

He was a very loyal and devoted pet. Only a type of animal she ever wished. The cute couple was indivisible and all was very good.

But in 2016 took place a bad thing. Kameroun wanted to trip to California to go on with her cure, but he would not able to get Husky with her.

She was to abandon him in her friend’s site, expecting that she will guard her favorite animal. Short time later she got another call from her with bad news. Her pet was disappeared.

Poor Kameroun was so worried. She instantly began looking for her animal. She did all she could to discover the lost pet. But his active seeking not brought results.

However, the strong lady didn’t stop seeking. She expected that once she would find her pet. She went on searching Semper, ringing diverse parts: asylum, vet places, human communities etc.

She utilized the support of a detective as well. In the end it was discovered that in April 2016 a female appended her denomination to Semper’s nick.

The pet was listed for selling with a 200 dollars mark. Then Kaqmeroun found out that it was her ex-friend who traded her pet. Fortunately, she got her favorite Husky.

She was so eager to see him after a couple of years of division. Watch the touching scene of their meeting in the next videotape.

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