Dog Tied To Tree with the Saddest Note Finds the Best New Family


Zeus the dog was left tied up to a tree in the middle of the woods with a bag of dog food sitting nearby and a note attached to his collar.

The note read: “I am a very good dog; my owner just can’t afford me anymore. She tried to find me a home, but nobody would take me.”

“I am still very young and energetic. I am good with kids and cats, but I get scared when meeting new dogs. Please find me a good home to go to.”

The owner left a final sentence, saying that they she was heartbroken about having to leave Zeus behind, but she had “no other options for him” and she hated to do it, but she “just cannot afford him anymore.”

Zeus, who is a Husky/black lab mix, was eventually found by the Prince George County Animal Shelter in Virginia.

Heartbroken by the note, they posted photos of Zeus, and a picture of the letter, to Facebook begging for someone to adopt the sweet pup.

Thankfully, it was spotted by the right family and the canine was successfully adopted into a forever home – just in time for Valentine’s Day, too.

The shelter posted about Zeus’s adoption to Facebook with a notice reading: “For anyone who may find themselves in need of rehoming a pet, please reach out to your local animal services. Many areas have resources to assist if they can not assist personally. We are not sure this owner lived in our county. If they did, please know you may call us. We are always here to assist whether it be with resources that can help financially, with feeding your pet, or even with surrendering him or her to us.”

Some readers have speculated that Zeus’s owner may have been a victim of domestic abuse. Not many women’s shelters in the United States are fitted to accommodate pets – although, that may soon be changing thanks to this organization.

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