Dog felicity. The pit bull would take care of small kittens which was everything he desired to do every day


The big dog of a horrible kind resides in a house from Southern California. They took Ozi from a refuge some time ago.

During this time the creature was unhappy and quiet because nobody attended to him. As the journalists found out, Ozi had high sense of commitment and tolerance, he wanted not only to help and guard but to take care for someone.

Ozi’s difficulty was that he was accepted by usual, common family with gentle way of life. They had three children. One of the children who was 5 years old liked to pass time with notebook and not with dog.

The dog was glad to play with the kids in the territory but would their mothers trust their kid to a pit bull although with lovely eyes? As the holder pranked, Ozi agonized from the absence of application of love and friendship if the thieves enter thei9r home, first of all he would give them slippers, mantle and a glass of tea to drink.

The “good boy” absolutely needed of somebody to nurse and ultimately achieved his goal. During summertime an homeless cat came to the street in the neighborhood, which name was Vinya. In a month Vinya had five kittens and Ozi turned into a glad dog.

Vinya is just happy to do her maternal duties particularly after this she didn’t remain without house, but became a legal guest in Ozi’s home.

One of the kittens called Troublemaker, loved Ozi very much and the dog protected him. And the following year more kittens would born and Ozi would be very glad.

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