An impressive picture relates the tale of an Indian teenager who has run away from Ukraine and the fight with her dog Husky

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A picture made on Twitter which presents a teenager embraced her Siberian Husky  has become viral by the followers of Internet. The couple  has run away from the combat  in Ukraine and  come back to India, the original land of the holder of the dog.

Always with my puppy. Arya Aldrin could not abandon her 4-legged companion and allow him to remain in the place of war. His picture posted on Twitter, has been circulated rapidly on the internet and published by  Indian television NDTV on Tuesday, March 1.

It was shared on the ‘Puncturewala’ Twitter account. The tale about the picture of  an  adolescent who has taken a seat on the bus embracing her pet and touching  his pate with a smile, is more impressive than  the picture itself.

‘Arya saved her puppy and brought  him with her to Kerala’ there is written in the title of the report. Kerala is a land  placed in the South West of  the Indian country.

Aria Aldrin is a student of the Pigorov National Medical University  in Vinnytsia which is located 200 kilometers southwest of the capital of Ukraine  Kiev. She was to abandon the Ukrainian land look like the other natives or strangers who resided  in Ukraine because of the war.

The  earth tries to increase trough the deep affection. The combat ruled by Russia  has become furious for 5 days. She could go to India with her greatest closest friend Siberian Husky in time.

She came back to her homeland of  Vandiperiyar in Idukku  region, Kerala. A lot of  Twitter  and other social media followers applaused her for  her determination to bring her puppy with her.

The Ministry of Education of the State of Kerala talked about it on Facebook. “Arya, who was born in Vandiperiyar, came back to Indian territory from the battleground accompanied by  her pet. The earth tries to increase through the deep affection.

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  1. Jan O Hellsund

    How on earth did she get through the bureaucratic red tape required to travel with dogs?