An impressive picture of human who cradles the ill dog to relax is circulated rapidly and widely the most delicate instant wich touches someone`s heart


A picture of the Wisconsin boy calming  his ill cub  to relax in Lake Superior  will be highly circulated for a long time. This picture show the surprising relationship which exists between the human and the animal.

Hannah Stonehouse Houdson took  the picture of her best  friend  John Unger  on the Great Lake, embracing his pet Schoep who was 19-year-old.

Schoep was paralyzed  and because of his illness was not able to repose. Unger started taking his intimate companion into the hot water to support him to repose and alleviate his pain. Schoep can have a rest due to this operation of moving from side to side which  seems to be  a shape  of  cure.

Hudson said Pioneer  Press that she is impressed  but not wondered  by the outflowing of assistance.

Men say that they have noticed each item in this picture,  from clean feeling to the faith for the upcoming. They  understand  the peace, the benevolence and  the human –pet   interrelation’’ she told.

I desire  everybody to know themselves in this picture and remember a stage  when they were protected, adored and guarded ; Hudson said.

Schoep was saved by Uger and his girl when he was eight-month-old cub.

Schoep had been ignored by his ex-holder, and then after a year he started to believe in Unger.

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