A dog which carries a bundle in his teeth, turns out that he saves a child’s life

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Let’s get acquainted with this beautiful story which happened to a dog, named Pugh. He became very popular and well-known in Bangkok for his uniqueness and fast wit. People see how a dog carries a bundle in his teeth, it turns out that he saves a child’s life.

That morning, Pugh, according to tradition, accompanied his owner to work, and he himself went on an adventure.

His path passed through one trash can, which he had to focus on. But suddenly the dog was attracted by a strange sound coming from a small bundle.

The squeak was very much like a cat’s. The dog seized it with its teeth, after sniffing the bundle, and began to drag it home. People see how a dog carries a bundle in his teeth, it turns out that he saves a child’s life

With the last of his strength, the dog dragged his strange find to the threshold of his home and began to bark very loudly in order to attract maximum attention to herself.

A few minutes later, the owner came immediately to understand why the dog was barking continuously and at first thought that came to the mind there were kittens in the bag.

It was very astonishing and unbelievable to find that inside the bag was a newborn baby, and it could hardly breath. And the woman immediately wrapped the poor baby in a warm cloth and called an ambulance.

This dog is a real hero as it’s scary to think about the future fate of this baby if it wasn’t for this dog.

Fortunately the baby feels much better and its life is out of danger. The mental abilities of the dog amazed even the mayor of the city and, according to his decree; an exclusive lifeguard collar was made for Pugh.

For such a heroic act the owner of the dog was awarded a prize of 250 euros for a worthy upbringing. And the news about this incident was spread in the whole district.

The incident was so interesting and unbelievable that each source wanted to publish an article about the owner and his four-legged friend.

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  1. Anne Lazarus

    God was guiding the dog to the precious bundle!!🙏🙏🙏😇😇❤️

  2. colleen stewart?

    Did they run tests to find out where it came from?