A 3-year-old boy Who Survived 2 Freezing Nights Says That A Bear Helped Keep Him Warm


Today’s story is about a little boy who had disappeared from his grandmothers’ house in North Carolina. In winter time 3-year-old Casey Hathaway was at his grandmother’s house in North Carolina.

He was playing in the backyard with two other children, but when the other two kids came inside, Casey was not with them. His parents describe him as a very curious child, so they thought that perhaps something took his interest and he wandered off to explore.

When his grandmother realized that Casey was nowhere to be found, she called the police. After several days search the boy’s chances of being alive was in question.

The search included helicopters, drones, k-9 units, divers, and hundreds of volunteers. Authorities urged volunteers to stay away the second night due to the brutal conditions.

Not at all dressed for such weather, the family was losing hope quickly. Then, after being missing for two nights, rescue teams responded to someone who reported hearing a baby crying in the woods.

After some searching, they finally found him tangled up in some thorny bushes. The rescuers had to wade through waist-high water to get to the tiny boy.

He was cold and wet with a few minor scratches, but otherwise unharmed. All he wanted was some water and his mother. While he was in the hospital afterward getting checked out by doctors, he informed his family how.

According to Casey, he made a friend in the woods who helped to keep him warm. That friend was none other than a black bear. Major David McFadyen from the Craven County Sheriff’s Office also learned about this interesting story.

He informed CNN that the boy met a new friend in the forest. The important part of this story is the happy ending.

This story could have ended in a tragedy like so many others like it in the past. Instead, the rescuers found Casey alive, healthy, and unharmed. Imaginary bear friend or not, that’s something to be celebrated.

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