Two little cats had an ill sister, whom they warmed admirably well, but afterwards they met a real mother.


At the point when a young lady named Megan Sorbar saw three wanderer little cats, she quickly felt that one of them wasn’t behaving like the others.

Two cats covered the sick one with their body. Sorbar ran an association devoted to the protection of wandering animals.

Here’s why she didn’t let the cats be alone. She took them to the asylum.

Physicians found out that two of the three cats are boys, and the third one is a girl, and they took care of sick sister.

She was unable to hold her head and even moving was hard.

The cats were warmed, washed and given food.

Megan named cats with the first words that came to her mind when she thought about names, so she called kitten Coconut, and her siblings Pistachio and Praline.

After all, Sorbar saw the kittens when she went to purchase an ice cream. She also tried to find the mom of these cats, but couldn’t.

Megan had a dog named Biste, which treated the little kittens like she was their “mom” and became so attached to the little ones that she didn’t leave them for quite a while.

She spent the most part of her time with sick Coconut.

Biste had a maternal sense.

Along with her care and treatment, the little Coconut started to recover rapidly after one week.

She could already stand on her paws and held her head without any difficulty.

And after another month the cats left for new proprietors.

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