The little boy made a stroller out of a Lego constructor for a puppy, which he received as a Christmas present.


Gracie, a puppy that was born without front legs was just thrown out by it’s breeders at the age of 2 days. Luckily, the child was found by kind people who acknowledged her for who she is and settled to furnish her with a good life.

The family that took care of the kid, hasn’t a clue how to help her to move. Strollers for paralyzed dogs are made to size and are pricey.

The doggy grew up rapidly and such a stroller, even in the production process, could currently be small for him.

Then 12-year-old Dylan made a pram for the pup from his Lego constructor, which was given to him for Christmas.

The stroller turned out to be suitable and compact, furthermore, its size could be changed in accordance to the growth of the doggy. When the baby turns into a grown-up, it will be possible to build a permanent and sturdy stroller, adjusted to individual sizes.

In several weeks, the kid became accustomed to the stroller. Gracie now runs around the house and strolls in the city. When the stroller becomes small for her, Dylan adds details and resizes it.

In order to make the dog comfortable under the belly, they put soft foam rubber.

A couple of months later, huge wheels were attached to the stroller. Gracie was given a genuine wheelchair when she grew up, yet due to a temporary one, she was dynamic, figured out how to utilize a wheelchair, and didn’t get bedsores.

Gracie was fortunate – she found her home and caring people. Let each dog ​​from the street find its home!

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  1. Pauline

    Hi your puppy 🐶 gracie is beautiful you have done a fantastic job with her and her wheelchair.

    Congratulations 👏 👏 👏

  2. Linda Leitch

    What a thoughtful and inventive young lad. The pup is so lucky he found such a caring owner and family.