The kitten abandoned in a pet shop window was saved by a man from dying


There are so many interesting coincidences in our life which are given to help others or to save someone’s life from dying. This story happened to a small white kitten which was saved by a generous man.

A man came to the pet shop to buy to buy some for his cat. While choosing the appropriate product that he needed, his attention was caught by one of the shop windows. He was witnessed by such a scene; a small kitten lived behind the glass of the store.

The employees of the pet store did not pay attention to this cute kitten. They did not even notice that the kitten could hardly move and breathe. Near to this little creature, dry food was scattered on the floor, but there was absolutely no water in the cage.

This poor kitten had an eye infection and his general condition. The man tried to draw the attention of the store employees in order they would take care of the kitten but they simply brushed him off and continued to go about their business.

After unsuccessful efforts, the man realized that the only way to save the kitten was to buy it and take it away from these awful conditions.

As soon as the man purchased the kitten, he decided to take him to the veterinary clinic, where he had spent his first night in freedom. This cute little got an appropriate medical examination and quickly began to recover.

Now the kitten is very happy and cheerful as he has a permanent shelter with a new owner.

But there is one thing that overshadows his joy is that he cannot find a common language with his owner’s old cat.

And he hopes that one day they will become very good and close friends.

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