The cat was rescued from euthanasia and during an hour was moved in his new home

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In everyday life, it frequently happens that help comes from where you wouldn’t await and at the very last second. Exactly the same thing occurred with a poor feline named Benben.

Benben was taken to a shelter in critical condition. As indicated by veterinarians, he was mutilated during a battle with other wandering felines. The photo shows the state of the poor creature.

In addition to the injuries received, the cat had other concomitant diseases. The cat likewise had an extreme physical issue.  Veterinarians saw no other way but to euthanize the animal.

Exactly at the same time, a laborer living in the shelter knew what fate awaited the cat, and couldn’t permit it.

The girl transferred the cat to her house and loved it with her warm love, took care of it and gave it a carrying attention, which are so often lacking in lots of people, both humans and animals in hard times. Thus, it gave a result.

After an hour, Benben was already in his new home, loudly meowing and moving in the arms of his rescuer. It was difficult to recognize him. Yet that was just the beginning.  A hard path of recuperation awaited him.

Thanks to the care, devotion and love of the new owner, Benben was able to overcome all the problems and recover.

Currently, the sweet cat lives in its new house.

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