Paralyzed black feline named Lucifer spares no effort soothing other pets at the veterinary facility In Perm, Russia, a feline named Lucifer lives in the veterinary center.


He doesn’t simply live there, he works there.

The center laborers call the black attractive Lucik a member of the group, since he is doing a very significant job.

Black and fair Lucifer ended up in the clinic with a wrecked spine – his rear legs were paralyzed.

He realized the pain of being helpless, abandoned, and doomed. Maybe that is the reason, when the feline was able to move, utilizing just his front legs, he wanted to communicate.

One day the clinic staff noticed how Lucifer sat next to another sick animal and began to purr loudly, as if attempting to calm the patient.

Veterinarians are convinced that with the black feline, other animals feel more loose and quiet.

The laborers took a few pictures showing how Lucifer functions. The staff took a few pictures to show how Lucifer works.  Dogs can calm down only when the amazing and soft expert appears near the cage.

Moreover, the black feline turned into an honorable donor of the clinic – his blood has effectively saved many lives.

Also, obviously, one should concede that Lucifer is a very attractive man.

His great green eyes are capturing one’s attention and hypnotizing, the black fur glistens.

The clinic staff began a blog for Lucifer on the official website and via online media.

And soon the black amazing feline became famous all over the world. Presently he even appears in commercials.

In difficult times, we all need someone else’s attention, support and warmth.

Furthermore, animals at times comprehend such things better than people.

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