Mother bear brings her infants to meet her human friend


Gratefulness is ordinary not only to people but also to animals. Some wild animals have emotional ways to thank those people who took care of them.

That’s how the momma bear expressed thankfulness toward her human friend.

Bear sights are very popular in Asheville, North Carolina. Patrick Conley – a city dweller was honored by a black bear who was continuously wandering close to the backyard of his home. Yet, this time the momma bear came to visit her old friend not alone but with her little kids .

This was an amazing surprise watching the small and fluffy balls visiting Patrick.

Since Patrick has always been benevolent to the bear Simone; this time she decided to greet her friend with the infants. According to Patrick, it was an extremely emotional scene. He could catch those short, however important moments.

It is obvious that the man couldn’t pet the wild creatures, however his regard and love towards the bears were boundless.

It just needed to be watched how calm both Patrick and Simone bear were at the time of their meeting each other.

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  1. Steven Hall

    Female animals are proud of their litters and will invariably show the youngsters off to their human friends that they trust.