Meet Wiley, the cute Dalmatian doggy with a heart-shaped nose who captured the hearts of social media users.


There are often incredibly beautiful wonders in nature, such as frosted glass patterns or patterns on some animals painted by nature itself. This charming Dalmatian doggy quickly attracts attention.

People say that his nose is made for kissing. Obviously, the proprietor kisses him more, but Wiley has captured many people’s attention.

The doggy wasn’t born with the ordinary black spots that are characteristic of his breed.

There is a genuine heart on his nose that made him so famous.

On  the Internet  the number of users following the dog increases, because those who look at him find it difficult to resist his smile.

The proprietor of the Dalmatian, Lexi Smith, says she took the doggy from the breeder.

At the point when he discussed the preferences of the pet, the young lady quickly understood that they were made for one another.

It turned out that the pup loves to eat, rest and cuddle.

So the young lady and the pup easily found a common language.

The extraordinary heart on his nose immediately made Wiley the star of the Internet.

Users love to follow the canine’s life as it is extremely fascinating.

The young lady believes that the doggy is  her closest friend, so she spends a lot of time with him.

On their Instagram page, she posts new pictures to show what Wiley is doing.

The marvelous doggy with a heart on his nose has won a large number of hearts in various nations.

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