Meet Richie, an exclusive Coon that seems to be wearing an extra fur coat that makes an impression as if he looks like a lemur


Richie the amazing cat was recognized by his special color.

So, it seems like over his black fur coat he wears another coat that is white one.

Followers on the internet have named the animal a lemur or a yeti cat.

Richie, who was born in November 2020, quickly became famous after the proprietor created a social media profile for the animal.

“We found a local French breeder who is renowned for his Maine Coons. We ordered a kitten from him, and we had to pick a color at it’s birth. We picked black smoke, not even  realizing that Richie would have such an unusual hue.The breeder quickly understood at birth that Richie will be exceptionally fluffy. We had to wait four months before we took our kitten home,” said the proprietor of a unique cat.

Also, the proprietor of the kitten shared that Richie is truly friendly and loves to play with other felines.

The kitten loves the cooking process and sits close to the proprietors and keeps a close eye on them, every time when they are cooking.

“Richie has an everyday morning routine of brushing him totally to keep away from tangles that simply form on his coat. Every week at one time we take care of  his eyes, nose, nails and ears, ” the proprietor said about the care of the amazing cat.

Richie’s social media following hits the 100,000 imprint, so it’s nothing unexpected that he’s gradually turning into a genuine cat influencer: “We work with a couple of brands that Richie has tried and adores. It’s generally a delight to acquaint our adherents with new toys and other feline adornments. We attempt to offer what Richie likes,” the cheerful proprietor summarized.

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