Kitten was awfully frightened when she ended up in a foster home, but the dog’s warm treatment helped her to trust people.


The kitten was very scared after  ending up in a foster home. Nonetheless, the attention of Labrador assisted her with confiding in individuals.

Kendall Benken, who is an animal shelter worker, was the first to meet the little cat and named  her– Betty.

In the beginning it was hard even to  guess whether it was a boy or a girl.

In order  to  hug the little cat, she needed to utilize a thick towel, because the little one hissed, scratched and bite..

The lady preferred to take Betty with her to assist her with adapting.

She thinks that the primary thing in raising wild kittens is for her to be a part of your daily life and not to be hidden.

Kendal put Betty in an extensive dog cage  in the kitchen. People and canines continually promenaded around the little cat.

Labrador Truvy  treated the kitten like a family member.

“In a previous life, Truvy was undoubtedly a mother of cats,” – remarked Kendal.

The lady held Betty with a towel and gently stroked her head assisting the kitten to become accustomed to human touch.

Betty acknowledged the Labrador’s fellowship and connected. Furthermore, the cat started to leave the  cage, however only being close to the huge dog.

Afterwards the little cat left the foster family for permanent shelter.  Betty’s new owner is Rose. As indicated by Kendal, fortunately they found each other.

Thus that the “non-permanent mother” doesn’t get bored, Rosa continually sends photographs of the feline and discusses her life.

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