In Nagaland, the tricky clouded panther, which isn’t frequently seen by people, was caught on camera.


An amazing animal, which is rarely seen by people, was captured on camera on the border of India and Myanmar.

The evasive puma, recorded in the Red Book, has proven to researchers that these creatures can live in adjacent areas.

A group of analysts recorded on camera an amazing clouded puma walking along the mountains.

A wild feline was spotted during  the time  it moved through a public forest in the Nagaland mountains.

The amazing animal was seen at an elevation of 3700 meters – likely one of the highest recorded places where pumas have been seen.

Clouded Panthers occupy the bushy woods of the lower regions of the Himalayas in the district of Southeast Asia and southern China.

These are medium-sized wild felines that are considered Vulnerable in the Red Data Book.

Generally, animals move in trees, which is the reason  why it’s so hard for people to see them.

Natural life Conservation Society of India scientists have found a clouded puma in the timberland of Thanamir village in the east of Nagaland.

The group has deployed over 50 camera traps in the area.

The first photograph documentation occurred in 2020 and the second in September 2021.

“We have proof of somewhere around 2 adults and 2 little ones. Separate examples were caught with a camera situated over a line of trees at an elevation of 3,700 meters at the highest point of Mount Saramati. One more creature was recorded at a height of 3436 meters,” – said the group of researchers in an official statement.

Every one of the information that researchers have gathered will assist local administrative bodies with forming choices for the protection of these woodlands and their occupants.

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