Homeless musician James met ginger feline Bob, the feline changed his life evermore

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One night a man got back home and found a gingerbread cat in the lobby. James concluded it was a pet of one of the neighbors, so he just closed the door, leaving the cat outside. However, the cat came the next following day and the next day.

Bowen inspected the fluff, found neither a collar nor a canine tag, however saw that the unfortunate had harmed his paw and needed treatment.

And afterward James decided to help the feline, whom Bob named in honor of the character who played the evil role in the mystical series Twin Peaks.

Cats are known for being exacting and meticulous. They pick who to love and whom not. If the cat doesn’t like its owner, it will leave and find another person.

By meeting a creature in a more miserable situation than himself, James gained inner strength. He healed the feline’s paw and healed the cat from the infected fleas.

Not at all like his freedom-loving siblings, Bob didn’t even consider leaving, but enthusiastically went with James on his Covent Garden tours, sitting gladly and tranquilly on the musician’s shoulder during his performances.

Bowen’s concerts started to attract more spectators, who willingly shot videos, posted them on YouTube, and James (and Bob) had fans who obviously came to the park especially for these two.

After Bowen gave an interview to a local newspaper, he decided to write a book about his lucky meeting with Bob, and met with his future literary friend.

A simple story gained the attention of the whole  world. James’ book “Weave the Street Cat” has been translated into many languages ​​around the world, from Russia to Japan.

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